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Monday, 14 May 2012

My 1st Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mummies out there & especially to those celebrating their first Mother's Day like I did yesterday! What a fantastic day.  I am so happy that having this special day breaks up the whole count down process to my birthday in August, yes I am one of those... I try to have a 'birthday month' but that has slowly worn off over the years I've been with Jase.  It slowed down to a birthday week, & now it's pretty much just a regular birthday...unless it falls on a weekend & then I claim the ENTIRE weekend!!! Anyhow, back to Mother's Day...

Pressie & cuddle time in bed for Mumma xoxo

Even though my baby girl is still just a teeny tiny baby, I am so lucky to have such a wonderful hubby.  He went to get Kayla up in the morning, changed her & brought her into bed for cuddles with her Mumma.  Gave me my pressie - a photoshoot for Kayla & I to capture our time together before she grows up too quickly, then we did the usual morning routine for Kayla & went back to bed for a nanna nap ourselves while Kayla had her morning nap.  After our fantastic sleep in, it was a cooked breakfast in bed for me!! Yummo! Then I also had a roast dinner cooked for me that night! Super spoilt or what!

What better way to end Mother's Day than having cuddles 
with my precious little girl before bed.

So now that hubby has set the high standard of gift giving & spoiling....I'm going to have to start thinking long & hard about Father's Day...bugger!

What did all of you other Mummies out there get from your precious little ones this year??? Hand made cards? Pasta necklaces? 

xoxo T


  1. I got a kick in the stomach.

  2. Oh I'm sure Baby G will give you a much better gift next year Candice!