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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Finger-painting with a 6mth old :-)

A delayed post...written last Friday Night & I had too much trouble uploading photos... so here it is finally!!

This is just a quick post seen as I am enjoying my Friday Night in with hubby.  We are preparing to watch some TV Series recordings, I'm planning on yet another night with ice cream (disregard that comment if you've read the one previously where I mentioned I was trying to be healthy....ice creams healthy right?) & after a late night last night, I am not feeling in the mood to be in front of the computer for too long tonight...

What a fun day I had last Sunday!  I lazed around in the morning, breaky in bed, read a little more of my fave book 'Mom Inc.' (which is very inspiring), & did some shopping online for Kayla at Amazon.  A Fisher Price Jumperoo is on it's way! Yay!! I'll let you know how much Kayla likes it once it arrives...

Then craft time! I made a 'memories box' for Kayla that will hold all of her cards in - welcome baby girl, birthday cards etc.  I will post pics shortly on that project...in the meantime, the most fun part on Sunday, was doing some hand painting with Kayla & Hubby. I just had to capture her teeny tiny 6mth old hand & foot prints for some frames we were given from friends when she was born.

Tip: If you are going to attempt this with your bubs, 
I highly recommend a 2nd set of hands :-)

I have so much more to catch up on 'blog-wise' but my Little Miss is awake & ready to have some playtime before lunch :-)

xoxo T

Monday, 14 May 2012

My 1st Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mummies out there & especially to those celebrating their first Mother's Day like I did yesterday! What a fantastic day.  I am so happy that having this special day breaks up the whole count down process to my birthday in August, yes I am one of those... I try to have a 'birthday month' but that has slowly worn off over the years I've been with Jase.  It slowed down to a birthday week, & now it's pretty much just a regular birthday...unless it falls on a weekend & then I claim the ENTIRE weekend!!! Anyhow, back to Mother's Day...

Pressie & cuddle time in bed for Mumma xoxo

Even though my baby girl is still just a teeny tiny baby, I am so lucky to have such a wonderful hubby.  He went to get Kayla up in the morning, changed her & brought her into bed for cuddles with her Mumma.  Gave me my pressie - a photoshoot for Kayla & I to capture our time together before she grows up too quickly, then we did the usual morning routine for Kayla & went back to bed for a nanna nap ourselves while Kayla had her morning nap.  After our fantastic sleep in, it was a cooked breakfast in bed for me!! Yummo! Then I also had a roast dinner cooked for me that night! Super spoilt or what!

What better way to end Mother's Day than having cuddles 
with my precious little girl before bed.

So now that hubby has set the high standard of gift giving & spoiling....I'm going to have to start thinking long & hard about Father's Day...bugger!

What did all of you other Mummies out there get from your precious little ones this year??? Hand made cards? Pasta necklaces? 

xoxo T

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mandorah Island...?

Ok, so who in Darwin thought that Mandorah was an island?? Please say yes! Haha! I am embarrassed to say that I did.  My hubby, daughter & in-laws all took a trip out to Mandorah for lunch last Sunday, as we have been in Darwin for quite some time now & had never been before.  I was chatting on the phone to my lovely sister-in-law (who's baking my very first little niece at the moment - due in July) on the drive to the ferry, when I mentioned we were going to Mandorah.  She asked where was that...I answered, it's a little island off the coast of Darwin... Hmmm... I look over to hubby who's driving, shaking his head, laughing at me, & I'm sure he was thinking - where did I find this woman?! :-)

Anyhow... so I learnt a little that weekend as well as enjoyed a fantastic day out with family doing something a little different for a change.  Here's a few happy snaps of our outing.

Good bye Darwin!

Kayla's first Ferry Ride :-)

Taking it all in, in the comfort of Daddy's arms. 
Kayla & Jase with her Gran & Gramps

A quick snap before docking at Mandorah Jetty.  
I think Kayla was over pics by this stage.

We had a great lunch & enjoyed the view of the ocean for a few hours before heading back to Darwin. It's amazing how a quick trip like this can make you feel like you're on a holiday. Oh, & it's a 'hot chips free zone' for those looking forward to a pub meal...don't expect to get hot chips with it.  I highly recommend the burgers though! Delicious!!

Are there any places in Darwin that are good to go for a quick getaway that you know of?? Tell us your fave spots in the comments below.  I'd love to check them out!!

xoxo T