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Monday, 20 August 2012

Hobby OVERLOAD!!!!!

I have finally found a few minutes to write a quick post... I know, I know... I am still needing to fill you all in on our upcoming adventure of moving to the U.S of A! It's all very exciting!! For now though... I have been thinking lately that I have too many 'hobbies'...

With my MbellishD jewellery hobby & finding time to make my jewellery, as well as fine tuning my cake decorating skills & my neglected blog 'i love the sweeter things', I am a little overloaded with hobbies... Something has to give...but which one??

I mentioned to my dear hubby the other day that maybe I need to hang up my beads & be done with MbellishD for now, & start to concentrate on other things...his reply...FINALLY! Haha.  I guess he's noticed I have too many things on the go too.  I love making my jewellery but I just don't seem to have time for it anymore...unless I stay up all hours of the night.  But for those who have partners who travel away from home alot I am sure you can understand that I choose to spend the time after our baby girl goes down, to have our own down time together.

Then there is the cake decorating! I LOVE baking & decorating my cakes.  Everyone loves cake & it's definately a wider market than jewellery... Also I think my cakes taste damn delicious & I love making things look pretty...even if Darwin heat isn't the best place for cake decorating :-)

And lastly...my newly started & newly abandoned blog! When I started this blog I had no idea what I wanted to write about, but I knew I wanted to write...strange for someone who used to gossip in English Class instead of writing... With the amount of travel that we have done & all of the fantastic opportunities that we have coming our way with our move next year, I know that this blog is one of the hobbies I want to keep.  So where does that leave me...?

I am thinking that MbellishD may need to go..... Can anyone offer any suggestions or even any tips on how I may be able to keep it all going?? Maybe I just need to stop jet setting & settle in one place for more than a month & I may find the time to keep it all up...?