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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Who could resist...? Not me!

Hmm... well I was going SO well with my 'lose the pre-baby weight' following my previous post "Time to quit the excuses"...I lost 4kgs in 2.5weeks! Who wouldn't be happy with that!!? I was feeling so good, more energy, less sugar crashes...but then came the time to do grocery shopping while hubby was away. Note to self...don't go shopping on an empty stomach - I'd heard it so many times before & am usually really good....but somehow, a packet of delicious Wagon Wheels found their way into my trolley...What the?! I was so prepared with my shopping list & only venturing down aisles I needed something from, skipping all of the confectionary & chippies sections - damn the impulse piles of goodness on the end of each aisle!!! I had all intention of sharing them with my friends whenever they popped in for a visit & catch up...really, I did...but somehow they all made it into my belly before anyone had a chance to visit! And that was just the start of it....

A trip to Newcastle to see my hubby on his work trip did not help the situation either...so many tasty restaurants & yummy baked goodies at cafes. Cocktails & catch ups with friends!  I held back as much as possible but let's face it...who can resist fluffy pancakes, caramel meringue pie, macaroons or cupcakes?!!

Here's a few pics of things I couldn't resist :-)

A Lychee Martini with my ole' pal Ames who might I add, is baking 
a little play mate in her belly for my daughter at the moment :-)

 Ok...so it's not a photo of food, but it's a pic of the amazing view over 
Merewether Beach that Hubby, Kayla & I were able to enjoy whilst eating 
a tasty cooked breaky at Merewether Surfhouse Cafe.  Could it get any better?! 
Oh & check out the awesome Mothers Group down there on the beach 
(if you can see that well)! 
They're called Surfing Mums n Bubs! Have they got it good or what?!

 And I have not yet visited a place where a new cupcake shop has opened 
without going to taste test yet...so... when I found out Newcastle had a cupcake store...
I just HAD to visit! Cupcake Espresso 

If you get a chance to go there, try the White Chocolate & Raspberry cupcake! Delicious! 
So delicious in fact...I came home to test out making my very own raspberry frosting 
(look out for pics of my attempt in future posts)

Sadly, I don't have a pic of the amazing Caramel Meringue Pie I had at Caves Beach Hotel with my good friend Cara (Cara took the photos, & wasn't happy with how she looked in the pic of us sharing the most tasty pie on this earth, so she deleted it...naughty Cara).  Nor do I have a pic of the amazing buttermilk pancakes with ice-cream, strawberries & banana that I consumed at the bustling cafe Soho on Darby, this fail is due to the fact that it looked so amazing that I didn't even think to take a pic & just dived straight in.  If you don't believe me, you will just have to go order some for yourself. 

So there you have it...I fell off the healthy eating band wagon while on holidays.  But hey...who hasn't?! Please say you're with me :-)

Oh...and then there was Easter...need I say more? 

So until next time, the healthy eating plan starts....


Join me & we can help keep each other on track :-)

xoxo T

P.S.  I owe an apology to my Hubby for consuming his Cadbury Creme Eggs whist he was away this week (yes...away again). I promise to replace them...& not eat a single one!!


  1. Hey Tahn I can totally relate! I was so healthy living at the beach over summer, running most days, eating salad, I was even starting to see a six pack! But one month ago I arrived in London.... It all started with a visit to Ireland for St Paddys day. Beef and guiness pies, chips and chocolate for the long bus trip. Then Easter... and a boyfriend who is just as addicted to chocolate as me! I'm starting to cut down now, but it's still too cold outside for running. So I'm fighting off the heathrow injection by waitressing. Hopefully it's enough to counteract eating my body weight in chocolate :)
    Good luck Tahn, seems like we both need it!!!!
    Belle xx

    1. Haha! Love your comment Belle. So nice to hear that I'm not alone & also someone else who loves chocolate as much as I do!! I hope you get a few nice days to venture outside & get some Vit D or even a little bit of exercise. At least you have lots of new sights to go see & that involves some walking!!
      All the best with your time in London.
      xoxo T

  2. Tahn I think you look fantastic. Yeah so what you feel off the wagon, but it's how you redeem yourself. Can't sit there and feel sorry for yourself. It happens, everybody loose focus, especially on holidays!! Little trick, don't go down the lollie or biscuit isle!! I don't even bother cause I can eat a dam thing from there... Just mossie on past it and that way temptation has not even crossed your mind. Keep up the good work babe:-*

    1. Oh you're too kind Peta!! Thankyou. I did skip the bad aisles!! It's those damn impulse piles at the end of the aisles as you go to the check out that got me!! I'm feeling really great though, considering only having a baby 5mths ago. I know that it takes time to get fit so I will stick to it, & as you said, so what if I have a little slip up every now & then...can't live your life with no little treats to look forward to ;-)

  3. Your looking great Tahn, when Kayla is running around the weight will fall of quicker than you can imagine. Love your blog your doing a great job keeping everyone in touch.

    1. Thanks Kez! So happy you're all enjoying my blog. I have such a great time writing it. It's my time to just zone out for an hour or two & seen as Kayla can't hold a conversation with me yet, it gives me some time to blurt out what's on my mind in a somewhat adult style of conversation. Sorry in advance if I slip in 'ooh gaa' baby speak at some point ;-)
      xoxo T