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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Local Attractions ~ Part 1

In between our trip to Las Vegas & our trip to the East Coast we had some time 'laying low' around San Diego.  It was so nice to take time to see some local sights & make memories in our new home...as well as sleep in our own bed! With my own contoured pillow!! How I miss it when I'm gone :)

Playing around with hair-do's :)
Someone stole my iPad & decided to shop for Disney Princess items while enjoying her snack.
Cheap parents! Kayla's cubby house! Kayla & I did spend an afternoon colouring it in together to make it look pretty.   Hubby & I used it as a test run to see if it was worth buying a proper one :) Which we did!
We went shopping for Kayla's first bike.
She LOVED the look of this motorised Viper...maybe for her 2nd Birthday?!
This is what she ended up with! It's no Viper, but it's a sweet ride!
A radio flyer bike. Very American!
We went to see the San Diego Baseball Team play in SD with our good friend Chris.  I as always, missed some good things in the game just from looking away at the wrong time. Seems to always happen to me!! Dave & Kel, if you're reading this, you know ALL about it after our SF Giants Game!! More on that story later :) It was a great way to spend a Sunday arvo & nice to be close to home for the weekend.
Starr, Hubby & Kayla! 
I'm sure Kayla's look on her face is for Starr.  She is a little wary of any men paying her attention.
Let's hope that sticks around into her twenties...or thirties! :)
Having fun at the Ball Game!
Seeing our baby girl developing into her own little person while we are home is very cute too. There are no tourist sites to rush off & see. Nothing to distract us from having one on one time with our little girl.  Watching Kayla each day is a like a little holiday in itself for me.  There's always so much for me to take in with her learning new things. She really makes us laugh a lot :)

"Am I cool or what?!" Our little biker girl after her bike ride to the beach.  She is loving her new Radio Flyer Trike.  Around the time of snapping these pics, Kayla also learnt how to say 'Cheese' when getting her picture taken :)

We had some great sunny days while we were home too, so we made the most of it!! A few beach trips with my little girl & some beautiful sights along the way too.  With the weather warming up I think it's time I get a maid so that Kayla & I can spend every spare moment playing in the sand & enjoying the beautiful California lifestyle!

On a walk down to the beach with Kayla we saw 16 pelicans in a row!
It was a record up until our recent beach trip where there were 40+!!! 

Having time at home allowed me to catch up with some friends I hadn't seen in a little while. Love hanging out with my new Marine Wives! Always an enjoyable time out.  In the pic below, we had just been to lunch down at the end of the Oceanside Pier & had to walk back through a HUGE swarm of bees!!!!!!! It was a little scary! I'm sure we would have looked funny walking back along the pier with baby blankets over our heads, but it's a good thing we had our baby gear with us otherwise I think I would have been stuck there for a while :)
Fellow Marine Wives - L to R: Rebecca & little Elaine, ME, Micah & Kayla.

Kayla all ready for another trip to the beach!

Most weekends that we are home we like to kill time (usually around Kayla's grumpy early evening time) by going for a long afternoon walk through the campgrounds that are situated along the beach across the road from our block.  I love it when there's a super busy period & there's people lounging around their campsites, kids riding their bikes & making new friends, the smell of campfires & BBQs.  It reminds me of my time growing up & camping with my family every school holidays. Happy times! We have also enjoyed some lazy afternoons over at our 'local' sipping on my fave Carlsbad Sunset cocktails while watching some amazing sunsets! I think they almost top Darwin's Sunsets....almost :)

To be continued....

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xoxo T

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