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Friday, 18 January 2013

Kayla's Owl Themed 1st Birthday Party - Part 2

Continued from Kayla's Owl Themed 1st Birthday Party - Part 1:

Kayla greeting more of her guests at the front door :)

A quick demonstration from 'The Cake Lady' aka Me :)
I showed the kids how to do a swirl of icing, add some sprinkles 
& a cupcake topper before I let them loose on making their own cupcake creations!

A big thank you to the parents for overseeing your well-behaved kidlets!! 
I was certain I would be wiping up icing off our rugs afterwards, 
but they were all so keen to do such a good job on their cupcakes 
that most of the toppings stayed on the table :)

Some of the kids with their cupcake masterpieces along with 
the two 'big kids' having a cupcake-decorating-challenge. 
Nice work boys & girls!


How I love my family of three! 
Thanks for your help on the day too Jase...all of your 'jobs' got done in the end
...aswell as the xbox playing :)

Her first taste of sweet cakey goodness.....
I'm sure I don't need to mention just how much she loved it!!

A tip for Mummies: If you're worried about your child eating uneccessary sugar, sneakily take bits of the cake away leaving a tiny bite as they're busy stuffing their face with the first taste :) I also made the cake from scratch to ensure there were no additives/preservative nasties in it, & made sure there were no added colourings in the icing by using Raspberry Frosting (recipe found here)! It's so damn delicious that you will want to start using real fruit in your icings once you try it too!!!

Kayla Grace!
You are more than we could have ever asked for 
& we look forward to seeing you grow from our precious baby girl,
 into a gorgeous little lady. 
We love you more than words can say, 
Love always, 
Mummy & Daddy xoxo

The birthday girl was due a nap so we had her friends who gave her the gifts
 to help her open them & read the card to her. 
It was so lovely to see them so excited to be helping her.

L to R: Kayla's Great Aunty Nette & her Mimi
Thanks again for your help. We loved having you be a part of Kayla's special day xoxo

Kayla & I with our fellow 'Early Birds' Mums n Bubs!
L to R: Yvette & Piper, Myself & Kayla, Jacqui & Layla

While all of the Mums n Bubs were partying inside, 
the Bigger Boys were hiding out in the man cave aka our garage :)

We had cupcakes galore so I sent the kids home with more treats!
A cupcake box full of their decorated cupcakes. 
It was a big hit!!!
Our friends daughters, Sarah & Lilly, were such a big help at the party entertaining
 the little babies.  Sarah was so excited with her cupcake creations :) 

All tuckered out after her big day of celebrations!

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