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Thursday, 15 March 2012

So happy to have my baby back :-)

Well the last week & a half have tested my parenting skills...& my patience. My little girl was 4 mths old on Wednesday (so exciting) & she had turned into a super grumpy child the week leading up to that milestone (not so exciting)! 

My hubby was on night shift & then unfortunately had to leave us to go away on a work trip on the weekend.  So there I was playing 'single mum' with a grumpy child who is usually a perfect angel (really...she is).  Thank goodness there was a reason as to why Kayla turned into a grumpy-bum & thankfully the grumpy side only stuck around for 4-5days.

Teething! Ahhh... I never knew that babies started teething so early & I also found out that babies can be BORN with teeth! What the?! Looking back at the first grumpy day I had with her, it made sense...that explained her munching on her fingers & chewing on her dummy. I thought she was so clever being able to put her dummy in & out of her mouth with her tiny little hands too! So now that I knew the reason for the change in my daughters temperament, I could find a solution!  I had heard about the Amber Teething Necklaces through friends so I jumped straight online at All About Amber to order Kayla one.  I can't wait for it to arrive! But in the meantime...I needed something a little quicker than the mail man can deliver so I made a quick dash to Target & stocked up on teething rings & fun things to distract her from the pain...poor thing.  Do you think I purchased enough?!

On a happier note...my little baby girl who had been going through a stage of 'I'm not a baby & I want to sit up like a big girl' had turned into a 'clingy little baby who just wanted to be cuddled & soothed'! Yay for me! I soaked up those cuddly days like there was no tomorrow :-) 

So I now have my happy, precious little baby back...well, at least until her teeth decide to try & make an appearance again anyhow...  
What have your little bundles of joy been up to in the past week? I would love to hear any stories of tried & tested teething remedies also!

xoxo T

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