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Monday, 23 April 2012

I have readers!!!

So I am a little excited...ok...I am BIG time excited!!

I have only had my page for two months or so, & so far I have had 430 page readers on my blog.  Pretty darn happy with myself :-)

Oh... & I have 2 followers.  Thank you followers!!

I just thought I should do a quick post for those people who would like to follow my post on a regular basis.  When you choose to follow my post you will be sent an email each time I load a new post online. This will make it easier for those who rely on me placing a new link on my FB page to follow...yes Mummy Dearest, this tip is for you & others like you :-)

At the top left of the page is a tool bar.  You should see the word 'Follow'.  Click on that & it will open a window where you just follow the steps.  You can choose to follow publicly with your name, or be an anonymous follower.  This just means that when you post a comment below any of my posts, that your name will appear, or it will just appear as 'Anonymous'.

So that's it.  If you have any questions about the process, or get stuck just let me know.

Oh & one little family update for the week...

Our baby girl reached 5mths old last Wednesday!! It was a testing day for her Mumma too.  I am thinking that babies should be born with teeth...it's just so cruel to have them in so much pain, especially when they can't even do anything about it.  Poor little bubbas!

Here's a few little happy snaps of Kayla.

On the morning of her 5mth milestone :-)
 Playing baby games on the iPad with Daddy before he goes to work. Growing up so fast! 
She will want her own iPad before we know it!

I'm turning into my Mother! :-)
She used to take pics of us asleep the night before our next birthday...
& now I know why...the moments are irreplaceable. This was the night of her 5mth mark.

Out doing the grocery shopping with Mumma.  Kayla is kicking back relaxing & looking a little confused as to why we are shopping in Woolies instead of Pumpkin Patch :-)

Kayla was given her first taste of real food last week! She started with a pear at the Q Club.  
Here she is taste testing a rusk.  I'd like to say that that is 'real' food too...but those rusks taste like cardboard...I think I'd prefer to drink breastmilk instead too!!

Here's Daddy giving her some rice cereal.  A tad better than a rusk...? 
I have to say, that it was so nice having him home for one of her '1st' moments.  

All dressed in green & gold with Daddy ready for the Australia vs ...? Footy Game. 
It just shows how much attention I pay to footy. 
I was too busy having a catch up with my girlfriends while it was on.  
Much more enjoyable I'd say!

So content in her Mumma's arms after her long bath & feed.  
She is still such a tiny little bubba.

Thanks for reading, & I hope you decide to follow my blog on a regular basis.

xoxo T

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