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Monday, 5 March 2012

Time to quit the excuses!

So I am finally getting on top of things.  Slowly getting into some sort of routine & back to life as normal 'pre-baby' - or as much as possible...sort of.  Kayla will be 15weeks this Wednesday & already rolling over! Oh how those 15weeks have flown by!  I am thinking I can't make anymore excuses to not get back into exercising now... or baking cakes or jewellery making... or all of the other things on the "List of things to do whilst on maternity leave" that I made before I gave birth.  There is no more 'I've just had a baby!' excuses left for me.  That one has well & truly left the building! Especially since Kayla is now on the 'Save Our Sleep' routines & alllllllmost sleeping through the night (she's down to one night-feed now).  So, I also can't blame how sleep deprived I am...as it hasn't existed for the past two months... I know, we're lucky right!

On this SOS routine I am having to wake her at 7am & then she is asleep for two blocks of 1.5hrs (on a good day) before 12.30pm.  Some would say that that is PLENTY of time to fit in a workout, do some housework & paint my nails.  That probably could be the case...if I wasn't enjoying some quiet time alone watching all of my chick flick recordings on Austar while hubby is at work, & yes...sometimes also polishing off a family block of Cadbury Snack chocolate while I'm at it...fatty boomba :-)

I'm extremely lucky that I was pretty much down to my 'pre-baby' weight within the first few weeks of having Kayla.  It's just a shame that my 'pre-baby' weight is taken straight after our Dec/Jan trip to the USA where I ate everything in sight! Yummmm....tasting cupcakes in every city...a 2L 'Big Gulp' of Root Beer?! Don't mind if I do!! For the record I only challenged myself to the 2L Cup of Root Beer once.

Getting back to present time...I am putting it out there for all to hear that I am mentally & physically ready to lose the 'pre-baby' weight!

Next time you see me reaching for the cupcake, I give you permission to remind me of my weight loss challenge...unless it's one of my home-made cupcakes... & then if you've tasted one, you will understand why I can't resist the temptation (just blowing my own horn there).

So until next time...
Enjoy the sweeter things in your life while I try to resist the sugary sweetness of the things in mine xoxo T

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