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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Local Attractions ~ Part 2

Continued from: Local Attractions ~ Part 1

Then there was ANZAC Day!

In preparation of ANZAC Day, Hubby & I made homemade meat pies & I had a first attempt at ANZAC Day cookies! Meat pies were delish! 
Cookies on the other hand...a little hard :)

We attended an ANZAC Day Memorial Service which was held aboard the USS Midway Muesum in San Diego.  It was a very nice service.  A little different to the usual Aussie Dawn Service that we attend each year as it didn't start until 10am, but it was nice to have a formal event to attend in honor of the fallen ANZAC's. 

We met a bunch of great Aussies & following the memorial service we attended a reception at Buster's Beach House Grill & Lounge.  It was a little crowded, but they put on some good food, free drinks & we had great company :)  We also saw the inside of a few different pubs (as you do on ANZAC Day) in San Diego's Gaslamp District. Although, this led to a new rule for our little family....no 'shots' when Kayla is around, unless it's a shot of water of course :) It was a fun drive home for me from San Diego with Hubby in the passenger seat...after a long day out...

If you follow me on Instagram you can check out the rest of the pics there, I'm just not sure I'm 'allowed' to post any of the guys in uniform. To get an idea of the memorial service though, here's a few snapshots (without the up close & personal pics).

Even though our baby girl doesn't have any idea what ANZAC Day is about just yet, she was very well behaved during the service & put smile on some of the oldies faces with her cuteness. 
Kayla playing games across the table with her Daddy.
Following ANZAC Day, we had another BIG DAY on our calendar! Kayla's first day at Daycare!!! Well, correction....first day at Daycare without her Mummy hiding in the background :) I had taken Kayla a couple of days in the weeks leading up to her 'big day' for a short period just to get used to the surroundings & her teachers.  An easy-ing in process...more for me to get used to the idea than her I think! Haha!

Onto her first day & we both went ok with the drop off. No tears from Kayla, & no tears from me :) I had a lovely 'child-free' day out.  I spent the morning doing a spot of shopping for new clothes for Kayla...oh my goodness! I forgot how quickly you can get things done when there's no toddler hanging off of you :) However, shopping was followed by a call to my fellow Marine Wives to meet me for coffee & to keep my mind off of not having Kayla with me... It was very strange not having to put my baby girl in & out of the car, or having to carry around a bag full of nappies, snacks, drink bottles, lunch, hat & all of the other items that usually take up my nice LV knock-off handbag! I am still amazed at how many items you have to lug around for such tiny people!!!

While sitting there at Dunkin Donuts waiting for my coffee buddies (& eyeing off the scrumptious donuts & bagels!) I was secretly missing my baby girl...& it had only been a few hours! However, seeing Kayla so involved with what the other 'littlies' were doing that morning when I dropped her off was so nice.  Even nicer, was seeing her teacher Miss Inka call her over with her arms outstretched for a diaper (nappy) change & Kayla just running towards her. Adorable! I must admit...I had my doubts about how she was going to go & it didn't help that there was a little boy who was walking around crying...I just wanted to give him a BIG cuddle!!! But our little Miss Independent baby girl LOVES her Kindy! So much so, that when we arrive in the carpark, Kayla's little legs start kicking with excitement & she can't wait to get out on the playground with her friends.

The teachers took pictures of Kayla on her first day to show us how much fun she was having. I am so thankful she has such a lovely group of people taking care of her every Wednesday!
Kayla's first EVER art project at 'school' :) Learning about Zebra stripes!
Onto other days at home, & we have had plenty of tasty breakfasts, lunches & dinners out & about as a family.  Kayla enjoyed her first real American PB & J sandwich, & gigantic kids breakfasts!! Bubble baths, Elvis bubble hair-do's, handbags & a walk past a movie location from Top Gun while checking out the Thrift Stores with my M-Wives were just a few more things we did to fill in our time here in So Cal.

This is a 'clean' pic of Kayla & her first PB & J...I should've taken one at the end.
Notice her Daddy's hand there making sure she's keeping somewhat clean...
I wish he was worried about mess around the house 

just as much as he is worried about his girl getting dirty :)
Seriously! This is a kids breakfast meal at Broken Yolk! Insane or what!! ? 
Next time I'm saving some cashola & sharing with Kayla! My Dad would be proud :)
Bubble-head Elvis!
The house that the lady instructor lived in from the movie Top Gun.
Loving her new handbag!
Other spare of the moment trips we did around California was a trip to Honda Centre to watch the Anaheim Ducks! Awesome game! Great stadium...although I was close to having a panic attack when we first got to our seats that were two rows from the top! When the seats in front of you are full it's a little less scary :) 

Kayla was a little scared of this HUGE blow up hockey player.
You can see her pointing to her Mum, as if to say "Take me over there Daddy!!"
The view from our seats!
Waiting for the game to start...& holding on tight to Kayla!!

I forgot how long Hockey Games go for...
so when Kayla started to get restless she made up her own game to keep herself occupied :) 

"Where's Kayla?" 
"There she is!" 
Hubby & I joke that this kid is like a bird! Cover her up when she's grumpy or noisy 
& she'll quieten down pretty quick!
We had a great family night out at the Mighty Ducks game!! 
We also had a great evening getting to know some of our new neighbours Christine & Michael.  We had a fun time across the road at our local enjoying some drinks & warmth around the fire pit while swapping stories about our 'home' countries, bands, surfing, scuba diving & our very close day spa that Christine & I are still yet to check out!!
Family pic at the local!
Kayla enjoying her mac & cheese while we wait for our neighbours to arrive :)

All of this time spent at home called for some time to start planning our next trip away!!! Coming up was our trip to the East Coast for hubby's Army Week in Washington DC. One thing we did learn from our previous trip to Las Vegas was that Kayla's monkey covered umbrella stroller that she loved so much was a pain in the ass to push along for extended periods of time! I ended up with bruised palms from not having padded handles & the cheap wheels kept getting caught.  So off to the baby store to purchase a replacement...who would've thought it would be so hard to decide!!!!?

Seriously...do we really need this many options to overwhelm us newbie parents on something as simple as a stroller?! Anyyyyhow...Just incase you were wondering, we decided on the Mac Claren! 
Our opinion so far... Awesome choice! 
That's it for now with the local attractions & what our little trio got up to after Las Vegas! Now for the super-duper fun times & off to the East Coast!!! NYC here I come!

xoxo T

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