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Sunday, 15 July 2012


I'm Back!

My apologies for the limited posts of late - I have had a fairly hectic past few months since my last post.

We had visitors for the Dry Season, followed by a bit of drama trying to fatten up my daughter (all sorted now), along with a very sad passing of my Pop, RIP Andy.  Andy's passing entailed a trip to Brisy to visit family for a few weeks...all this with my hubby being away, uncontactable & dealing with a soon-to-be 8mth old who doesn't like doing any one thing for more than 15mins (tiring)... Oh & did I mention we recently found out that my Hubby has recieved his next posting.... & our little family of 3 is moving to the USA in January!!!?? Breathe...

Now... all that has passed, our visitors are making their journey back home, hubby is back in Darwin & at work (although he leaves us for a short trip again tomorrow morning - sad face), & I am trying to get on top of things at home & wondering what to do with my Mbellishd Jewellery sideline when I move...Oh & I have an order of 50 cupcakes to bake for this Friday....

I think that's enough for all of you to process for now... I know it's all I have time to write about at this moment as Kayla is bored with her toys & wants her Mumma's attention again... I think I am now realising why some women choose to go back to work early... drafting is a breeze compared to being a full-time Mummy...

I wouldn't change it for the world though... xo

I promise to post again soon!

xoxo T

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